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2015 Biennial Reunion Nashville, Tennessee

The McCutchen Trace will host our biennial reunion in Nashville August 7th-8th. We'll be visiting Andrew Jackson's home outside Nashville. The registration form will be available in this spring but we do have the hotel lined up. We are staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville-Airport

583 Donelson Pike,
Nashville, Tennessee 37214,

We have a group rate of $109. Plus tax listed as the McCutchen Reunion. A few rooms are also available at the group rate on the 5th & 6th and on the 9th and 10th if anyone would like to come early or stay later to see the Nashville area.

Welcome to The McCutchen Trace

The McCutchen Trace Association was established in in Franklin,Tennessee in 1973. We are is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian family association. Members include people with the surname McCutchen, McCutcheon, McCutchan, or McCutchin and those who have McCutchen ancestors. Members hail from many different family lines which may or may not be related. We publish two newsletters per year and host a reunion every 2 years. Our last reunion (Aug 2013) was held in Pine Mountain, GA. Our next reunion (Aug 2015) will be held in middle Tennessee.

Autosomal DNA

Autosomal DNA testing is the latest breakthrough in genetics and can be a useful tool in genealogy. In 2009, 23and Me launched their test dubbed “Relative Finder”. Following on their heals in 2010, Family Tree DNA launched “Family Finder” and in 2012, Ancestry launched “AncestryDNA” which was at the time more affordable solution. Since then prices have dropped and all three offer the test for $99.

Query: McCutchan Children

This photo of McCutchan children was purchased from the Antique Mall in Lexington Va. The dealer, who was selling it, purchased it at auction in either Augusta or Rockingham Co., VA. It is a daguerreotype with the writing on the back. While it is faint, you can plainly make out “Annie A. or H. McCutchan”, “Peach Grove, Virginia”, “Middlebrook” and “ Augusta County”. The boys names are not legible. The image likely dates to the period 1848 – 1855.

The Homeplace Rose

By: David Lindsey Whaley

Offline Membership Form


The McCutchen Trace has about 200 members who are McCutchens or descendants of McCutchens. We spell our names McCutchen, McCutcheon, and McCutchan and have heard of people spelling it McCutchin. Some of us are related some of us aren't, and some of us probably are but we aren't totally sure how. We have just moved to a new website and don't have the online store up so if you are interested in membership please fill out the attached for and sent it in with a check for $10 for regular membership and $5 for digital membership. With digital membership the newsletter is emailed to you so make sure to give us a email address if you chose that option. If you have any questions use the contact us page.

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